Designed and developed a professional website for a furniture business specializing in handmade sofa arm trays and sofa tables. The website, built using WordPress, effectively showcases the company’s products and provides seamless integration with an Etsy shop for convenient online shopping. Demonstrated proficiency in web design and e-commerce solutions to enhance the company’s online presence and customer experience.

Below you can find the description for each page of this website:

I designed the Sofamate e-commerce website using WordPress, showcasing an innovative range of furniture products. The site integrates a user-friendly interface with detailed product descriptions, making it easy for customers to navigate and make informed purchasing decisions.

The homepage introduces Sofamate as a provider of unique, smart-integrated furniture. The page highlights key features such as space optimization, modular flexibility, seamless adjustability, efficient packaging, hassle-free installation, and safety for all ages​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Contact Page:

This page provides the company’s contact information along with a contact form.


The Products menu offers three choices, each leading to a dedicated page describing one of the company’s products. Each page provides comprehensive details and includes photos showcasing the respective product.

Designing this WordPress-based e-commerce website for Sofamate was a fulfilling project, combining aesthetic appeal with functional design to cater to a diverse customer base seeking quality and style in furniture. Here is the link of the website: